Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Journey - Faithfully w/Lyrics

"Faithfully" - Journey's first music video was for this song. And I felt it Incumbent on me to the best job possible (for me) in creating this video. 
This song pretty much tells its own story. I find it fascinating that it could be misunderstood- with Steve Perry pouring his heart out to the simple but powerful lyrics of Jonathon Cain and really conveying deep emotion. Anyone ever married to, or involved with, someone in the limelight that is obligated to travel. has no problem understanding or appreciating this song.
Faithfully is Journey's 2nd most downloaded song, their first most being "Don't Stop Believing", (which I will build a video for in the near future}
I built this for Wanda Snider, after we (I) determined that her other request I couldn't dodge the copyright infringment 

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