Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Poison - Every Rose Has It's Thorn

I am not a real big fan of poison, but I build videos for Classic Rock Ballads, and it's not always about what I like, it's about what my subscribers like. However, I do have to admit though, that Poison did manage to record two very good power ballads. First in 1988 with this song "Every Rose Has It's Thorn" from their Open Up and Say... Ahh album. And once again in 1990 with "Something To Believe In" from their Flesh and Blood Album.
Bret Michaels wrote "Every rose Has It's Thorn" in response to a failed love affair with Tracy Lewis. After playing at a bar in Dallas, Texas, Michaels called his girlfriend at her Los Angeles apartment and heard a man's voice in the background. The next day Michaels took his acoustic guitar with him to a Laundromat and wrote the song right there.
It is the band's only number-one hit in the U.S., reaching the top spot on December 18, 1988, for three weeks

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