Saturday, November 19, 2016

White Lion - When The Children Cry w/Lyrics

"When The Children Cry" was the biggest American hit for White Lion, a Brooklyn-based band that fit every criteria for the  "Hair Metal" genre when they released "Pride" their 2nd album, , in 1987. Many of their songs took on social issues and were softer ballads. "When The Children Cry" and "Wait" were huge radio hits, but didn't fill concert arenas. I didn't search for any statistics on how this song is doing presently, I haven't heard the song on the radio lately, but then I live in Nebraska, not a lot of classic rock genre stations here. I would stream national stations on my  P C, but that's a direct distraction when I'm building videos, which is pretty much all I do anymore, I don't even play poker that much lately. But if I had to guess, my guess would be that it is making a comeback with those of us that remember the song well, considering all that is presently going on in the world.
In a March 1988 interview Gary Blockus of "The Morning Call" asked Mike Tramp about the sentiment behind this and other antiwar songs, Tramp shouted in reply, "Without a doubt! You've gotta be f--king blind not to see what's going on today. All you have to do is turn on the 5 o'clock news. It's just problem after problem". Nice response Mike, I was blind , literally, for nearly a year, but still very much aware of all that was going on.

"When The Children Cry" had always been to me, a very powerful ballad, and was one of those songs that filled me with a barrage of emotions from sad, to empowered, to inspired. And now that I have Grandchildren I love, care, and worry about, this song now is much more powerful to me than ever before. I built this video based on those emotions, and it's going to jerks some tears out of many viewers. But that's okay, that's what it's meant to do. I worked frantically on this video to have it published by November, 20 which is Universal Children's Day. It's now 11:45pm  Saturday November, 19. I made it!!

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