Friday, December 9, 2016

Journey - The Eyes Of A Woman with lyrics

"The Eyes Of A Woman" by Journey was one of the first videos I created when I first started doing this. I built the first one using still images because I really didn't know where or how to find footage, and didn't know how to cut and edit it if I did. So the video was not very good, as the less than 60 views currently shows. I really like this song and now that I am a little bit better at creating these videos, I decided to build it again. This one came out much better than the first one. I used motion footage for this which makes for a better video to begin with. But now it's also synced dead on balls perfect with the lyrics. The sound quality is much better at 5.0/4.9 (9.9dB) which is about as perfect as I can get it for this particular song.  And I custom made the beginning and ending thumbnails that are really cool. MUCH better video now. VERY sexy, yet appropriate for all viewers. Hope you all enjoy it

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