Tuesday, January 10, 2017

"Castle Walls" by Styx; was the first video I built when I first decided to start creating videos as a hobby. That video has gotten several views and some nice comments, but I didn't think it was a very good video, it was just my first video. Just a bunch of still images edited together to somewhat visually tell the story of the lyrics. Not bad for my first video, but I have learned a lot more since then. And since "Castle Walls" is one of my favorite Styx songs. I created a MUCH MUCH BETTER video to sync the lyrics to.
The intended meaning of the song lyrics is still the same, that will not change.
The song’s primary allusion is to leave a castle for some mysterious and compelling reason. Something, apparently desirable, is out side the boundary created by the castle. Ultimately, a castle is device of protection, but if that protection is perceived to be too important to shed, then the castle becomes a prison. The only way to discover and experience that which is “calling”, is to abandon the safety and protection it provides. That is what the song is about, but in my "new and improved" video, I created a much more interesting and entertaining version of the same song.

The video begins with a modest looking Victorian era girl who is about to confess to her priest, either a brutal story of revenge, or a frighteningly real illusion in a dream. She is a princess, the daughter of a very powerful and influential King and Queen. But she abandons her lavish and privileged life to rule in a modest castle many miles from her native kingdom. She leads a small, peaceful, and content city of people. But one day a group of pillagers raided her castle. She formed a small army to defend, but was defeated and the castle was overtaken. Forced to set out on foot, she begins a journey. At first not really knowing where she was going, but clearly going back to the King and Queen to beg forgiveness for her abandonment was the only choice. The journey is long and painful by foot. She reaches small villages along the way, where she collapses and is barley able to ask for food and drink.
Half way through her journey; unable to take one more step, she reaches the castle of her sister who ruled in a portion of their parents kingdom. Hearing her sisters' story of woe, she provides her with food, drink, rest, and a strong horse to ensure that she safely reaches their parents castle. 
She reaches the castle; and on her knees cries to her mother for forgiveness. The Queen immediately forgives her as does the King. They are both overjoyed that their daughter is home, but after hearing her story, the King is furious with anger from the injustice done to his daughter. He sends out an order to his armies across his Kingdom to ride with and avenge with his daughter. "Leave no one alive, and no stone standing". The mission was accomplished and the princess got her revenge, and fulfilled her destiny to reign as Queen of her own Kingdom. The video ends by reverting back to the beginning, where we see the meek and modest Victorian girl confessing to her priest, confused if it was all real, an illusion in a dream; or both?

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