Friday, March 31, 2017

Phil Collins - In The Air Tonight - w/Lyrics

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The meaning of Phil Collins's "In The Air Tonight" became an urban myth. The story, which is not true, is that Collins watched as a man who raped his wife drowned. Another version has Collins writing this about a man who watched another drown, and singing it to him at a concert. Yet another variation claims that when Collins was a young boy, he witnessed a man drowning someone but was too far away to help. Later, he hired a private detective to find the man, sent him a free ticket to his concert, and premiered the song that night with the spotlight on the man the whole time. 
The truth is; Collins wrote this song about the anger he felt after divorcing his first wife, Andrea Bertorelli, in 1980 - he was so devastated that he left Genesis for a short time. All of the original songs on the Face Value album, including the hit "I Missed Again," were at one time intended to be "messages" to his first wife in an attempt to lure her back to him. The tension caused by the divorce led Collins to the title, as these negative feelings were "In The Air," and affecting not just the couple getting divorced, but the entire family.
However, the urban myths make this song much more interesting and fun to build a video around. :-) . So I took the young boy witnessing a drowning and ran with it to create this video. It's slightly morbid, and outside the box, but interesting as hell. Check it out.

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