Saturday, March 4, 2017

Styx - Lady (live) with lyrics

For those of you that have visited my YouTube Channel and watched any (or even all) of my videos, it is obviously clear that I am a HUGE fan of classic rock ballads, and particularly more so of Power Ballads. And if you are visiting, or even subscribed to my channel I assume you are a Power Ballads fan as well.
But, have you ever wondered how power ballads became a music genre? It was because of this song here. That's right "Lady" by Styx was the reason why we now have a power ballads music genre. Let me explain;
Lady was recorded in 1972 and released on Styx's 2nd album "Styx II" in July 1973, then released as a single. but it bombed and went nowhere. Not because it wasn't an awesome song, but because it got hardly any air time. 
According to DeYoung, radio stations didn't know how to classify it, since it started slow and then picked up.
Although "Rock Ballads" was a recognized music genre in 1973. "Lady could not be classified as a ballad even though it starts softly, it ends too "powerfully" to be a ballad.
It was only through the efforts of a very persistent DJ on WLS in Chicago (the band's hometown) that the song got its due. Determined to make it a hit, he played the song every night at 8 p.m., until it caught on. It did, and other stations added it to their playlists. However, they still needed to classify it's genre. Using that exact reason, that it starts soft and gradually gains power, radio producers created the "Power Ballads music genre.
It took a little while, and it wasn't until March 1975 that the song reached its chart peak of #6, giving Styx their first breakout hit. But more importantly, the song pioneered the way for nearly every rock band in the world to start recording power ballads by the tons, some that are now iconic power rock anthems. Nearly 50 of those are on my channel playlist by the way, and they will keep coming for as long as God allows me to create the videos. Go check 'em out, some of them are pretty damn good.

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