Sunday, April 2, 2017

Scorpions - Send Me An Angel w/lyrics


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"Send Me an Angel" by the Scorpions was released in September 1991for their eleventh studio album, Crazy World  as the album's fourth and final single in September 1991. Along with "Wind of Change". The song became the album's signature track, reaching number 44 on Billboard Hot 100 Chart on January 25, 1992, number 8 on the Mainstream Rock Chart[1] and high chart positions in many European countries.
This song has a very COSMIC feeling to it. "The morning star" is  known as the planet Venus, and Venus is the planet of love, so the land of the morning star is "the calling deep within your heart", where your love resides, it is the way out of the dark, and into the light, into the dreams of your heart - "your promised land". "Wise man" is the place of wisdom that resides within you, that "as the years pass you by" you finally realize "love" is answer, it is the "dawn" of your true life, and "here I am" ready to receive my angel, my angel who is the promise of love and hope, and the angel of who I truly am inside...

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